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As many of you may have noticed, I’m a bit of a “More is More” kind of a gal. On buying trips, I gravitate towards anything gilded. And OK, sometimes even gaudy…in a good way! Garland Collection necklaces are even designed … Continue reading


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Whether designing or curating, I often find inspiration for Garland Collection from spectacular interiors.Whether through refined and layered objects, bold and dramatic palettes or rich and decadent textures, a loved and lived in space is often a showcase for standout … Continue reading

NONE THE WORSE FOR WEAR + Surf & City Packing Lists

No matter where in the world we travel, be it Botswana or Belize, Baja or Boca, there is always one setback that I can count on and, regrettably for me, it’s not delayed flights or lost baggage. To my unbridled … Continue reading

SMART COOKIE + Gym & Accessory inspiration

“You will have a successful year in business,” read one friend. “Your magnetic personality will take you far,” read another. Assuming that mine would be much of the same, I popped a piece of my fortune cookie in my mouth … Continue reading

MATTERS OF THE HEART + Valentine’s Day Inspiration

For Garland Collection, jewelry is always personal. When my hubby proposed eight years ago (OK, more like begged. Misunderstanding protocol, he got down on both knees), we designed a crest for our wedding invitation incorporating our initials into an ornate, … Continue reading


We are crazy about Pantone’s color of the year for 2013! Emerald! The color of LA’s palm trees, ferns in NY, malachite and well…emeralds! We love the way emerald looks in our homes and wardrobes…and we can see from some … Continue reading

TRAVEL: WHAT’S IN A NAME + African safari destinations & a dream packing list

I have a confession. My name is not really Nicole Mann Novick. At least not legally. Every time we have attempted an articulate discussion about the weighty subject of my name, no matter how Mike approaches the inevitable, “But why?,” … Continue reading


We love brooches at Garland Collection, whether it’s vintage Marilyn or thoroughly modern, like our dressed up denim outfit below. Sew a sparkler into your hair for a black-tie event, wear a cluster of pins on a blazer or denim … Continue reading


“If you do not love it, I do not listen to a word you say,” Mike said triumphantly. My husband holds the title of “Worst Gift-Giver” and I, in turn, have learned to manage my expectations. I’ve received a travel … Continue reading