TRAVEL: WHAT’S IN A NAME + African safari destinations & a dream packing list

I have a confession. My name is not really Nicole Mann Novick. At least not legally. Every time we have attempted an articulate discussion about the weighty subject of my name, no matter how Mike approaches the inevitable, “But why?,” … Continue reading


As you all know, I’m the life of every party. I mean, you should have seen me in my Studio 54 days. (I may or may not have been a Factory Girl.)  Anywhoo…Velvet rope?  Please!  I’m a VIP (Very Important Pooch). My “Aha Moment” happened at the Legends Ball. Right, Gayle?

So, as the official, unofficial spokesdog of Garland Collection, I invite you to an event that rivals Woodstock. (Did you know that I invented the peace sign?)  Free love all around…for decadent jewelry and  stunning objects.

Just a friendly reminder: these jewels are vintage and often one-of-a-kind, so get ‘em while they’re haute. And don’t forget, whatever Lola wants, Lola gets and that arrow collar is mine!

Love and Licks,