More than thirty years ago, my grandparents began spending a piece of winter on the island of St. Maarten and my own time there with them always felt particularly precious. It was here that my grandfather and I would sit … Continue reading


I recently came across these tassel loafers in rugged brown leather and have become inordinately obsessed, gravitating towards preppy blazers, buttondowns and piles of gold jewelry when putting together their complimenting attire. So in an ode to my new favorite … Continue reading


As the busy gifting season winds down here at Garland Collection and Sweetlips and The Bean enjoy their last day of school before break, I’ve begun working on my holiday wish list. While pretty packages to unwrap are certainly lovely, … Continue reading


While preparing for a warm weather weekend getaway to celebrate a close friend’s upcoming wedding, I can think of nothing but relaxing, recharging and…OK…probably a few cocktails and a lot of laughs. Easy and chic, here’s my go-to packing list for your upcoming holiday…Screen shot 2013-12-04 at 10.48.28 PM1. COCKTAIL HOUR — GARLAND COLLECTION ON PINTEREST 2. BATHING SUIT 3. GARLAND COLLECTION ROSE GOLD STAR EARRINGS 4. NOVEL 5. SANDALS 6. SHORTS 7. SUNGLASSES

A Tartan Table & Ensemble…And Mostly Giving Thanks To All of You

Thanksgiving Note

Here are my go-to’s for celebrating in fun and style…

Thanksgiving Table Board

1. Blouse 2. Garland Collection Yellow Gold Link Ring 3. Clutch 4. Pants 5. Garland Collection Vintage Culver Imperial Shoji Glasses (Set of Four Old Fashions and Four Double Old Fashions – Available at Des Kohan, LA) 6. Cocktail Napkins 7. Shoes

Obsessed with Collar Pins

On special occasions, my grandmother wears an antique collar pin that belonged to her mother. Never mind that the marcasite pin is a bold interpretation of her mother’s monogram, letters completely unlike my grandmother’s own. The pin is sentimental and … Continue reading


It’s not a secret that I’m partial to anything gilded. Gold watches, flatware, teeth — I like them all.  And, these days, I’m loving bold doses of silver as well (hint, hint for some new Garland Collection jewels to come). I’ve … Continue reading