Obsessed with Collar Pins

On special occasions, my grandmother wears an antique collar pin that belonged to her mother. Never mind that the marcasite pin is a bold interpretation of her mother’s monogram, letters completely unlike my grandmother’s own. The pin is sentimental and sharp. I can picture her in it, having paired it with a fuscia silk blouse and black Lacroix suit at my bridal shower years ago.

I can also envision my own mom picking me up at school with a shiny gold bar inscribed with her name in script, pinned tightly under the collar of a buttoned-up shirt. It was the late 80s and this pin was certainly a throwback. I remember wishing she would leave it in her jewelry box for something more worthy of the flourescents, rhinestones, scrunchies and puff paint that I was sporting. But decades later, when I was designing my first collection around that original Signature pendant, my mother’s collar pin was on my mind. It seemed so crisp and classic, elegant and unexpected, whimsical and refined.

For fall I have gone from interested in to completely enamored with collar pins. I like personalized fine ones paired with relaxed button-downs, and bold vintage costume brooches fastened under the lapels of silk blouses.

Here are my go-to’s for a contemporary take on the old collar pin…
Points of Interest- Collar Pins



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