When I decided to launch Garland Collection it was on a whim, buoyed by the encouragement of friends and peers after seeing the plate inspired by my wedding monogram, and then self-persuasion that this was kismet, knowing that I would honor my grandparents Leona and Stanley Garland, who in so many ways have been my style icons. As the company has developed and grown, I have always felt that it is a labor of love in so many ways. This week, one of Garland Collection’s pieces landed on the cover of Vogue – the esteemed September issue, in fact – an honor that literally took my breath away. My grandmother was destined for Vogue, and I wish my grandfather could see that, in some small way, she was a cover girl at 90-years-old. Here is a dream come true…

Vogue Cover Plain

Blog Vogue Wording


2 thoughts on “VOGUE

  1. Yes!– a dream come true and a FABULOUS goal reached in fashion design and news! BTW, I have loved this ring from the first moment I saw it!

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