As you all know, I’m the life of every party. I mean, you should have seen me in my Studio 54 days. (I may or may not have been a Factory Girl.)  Anywhoo…Velvet rope?  Please!  I’m a VIP (Very Important Pooch). My “Aha Moment” happened at the Legends Ball. Right, Gayle?

So, as the official, unofficial spokesdog of Garland Collection, I invite you to an event that rivals Woodstock. (Did you know that I invented the peace sign?)  Free love all around…for decadent jewelry and  stunning objects.

Just a friendly reminder: these jewels are vintage and often one-of-a-kind, so get ‘em while they’re haute. And don’t forget, whatever Lola wants, Lola gets and that arrow collar is mine!

Love and Licks,



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